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The Pancake Challenge is a relatively new 'contest' thrown down by a great little cafe in Whitley Bay called Sugarloaf. They do amazing breakfasts (along with lunches and snacks etc.) which include the thick american style pancakes. They are quite large and delicious and they usually are purchased in normal amounts - just enough to fill you up for breakfast. The Pancake Challenge, however, is to eat 10 (yes 10!!) along with a jar of maple syrup and a milkshake in only 10 minutes! Almost impossible I hear you cry. On the day I went in, the stats said that 89 had attempted it so far and ony 3 had managed to complete it in the 10 minutes, with the fastest so far doing so in around 7 and a half minutes. Well there was no way I was going to even try to beat that time, but I had a plan....

I decided that a Saturday morning was the best option, and so I had no breakfast and headed down to do the 5k Parkrun at Whitley Bay, just to work up some extra appetite. It also happened to coincide with my 50th Parkrun and so felt like I was celebrating with pancakes - like having a pancake afterparty! I was joined by Michael, Kelly, Jon, Sophie and Shaun plus 4 month old Emily - all having breakfast and supporting me while they did so. In fact Michael also decided to take on the challenge for moral suport.


The Pancakes came and looked and smelled amazing but also really large when stacked 10 high on the plate in front of me. They also tasted great when the clock started and I set off on the challenge. My method was to roll the pancake up, dunk it into the syrup and bite them that way, and things were looking good - first one down in less than a minute. Sweet Syrup and pancakes are very filling however and by halfway I had eaten about 5 pancakes and the syrup was going down well, but I was filling up and hadn't started on the milkshake. By the time 9 minutes rolled around, I had eaten 8 and conceded that I wasn't going to be able to complete my mission, so had to down the milkshake to ensure that I had given it my all! So in the end I missed out by 2 pancakes - or an extra 2.5 minutes and I reckon I would have done it!!