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The Paphos 10K run was a great way to end the 4 Day Challenge, great location, great atmosphere and extra runners joining in (as they were allowed to enter this one as a solo event). It was the earliest start time of the event too, so it meant that i was veary bleary eyed as I lined up following 3 quite exhaustive days and an very early alarm call. It was the last even however and completion would bring a massive smile to my face (and the promise of a free bear at the end for the finishers - despite the time of day!)

The run itself was a mixture of jut getting through it and striving for a decent performance. It was quite odd to think that on the one hand it should be much easier than the previous 2 days - fast tarmac, flat and not too war, but on the other hand I had the previous efforts in my legs with not much time to recover. I had been told the previous day by Debbie from Paphos Running Club (who ran it last year) that she had struggled to feel like she was having a good 10k until about halfway around and then it just clicked and she had a great second 5k. It roved a very similar story for me as I felt that I was really struggling for the first 3-4k of the run, then much better once I got past that point and my running felt smoother, easier and faster. I guess its probably just psychological but it saw me get round to the end and really enjoy the final stretch along the harbour area of Paphos and the finish line. My final days data and times are below, but this was about much more than the times and positions. The entire 4 days was just a joy and I would recommend the Cyprus International 4 Day Challenge to anyone who like running and fancies taking on something a bit different in a fun atmosphere and with some great scenery.


My Results from Day 4:


Position overall: 89 of 194

Position male: 76 of 140

Position V40+ male: 12 of 17

Start time: 7:59:37

Finish time: 48:02

Chip time: 48:02

Speed: 12.49 km/h

Per km: 4:48 min/km


And in the Overall rankings after 4 days:


Overall Postion 88

Overall Time: 4:29:09

Cyprus International 4 Day Challenge

Day 4: 10k run