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Day 3 of the challenge was another bright and sunny (and Early) start! Off we went up into the Mountains to the start line at Smigies Picnic Area in the Akamas Peninsula for the longest run of the 4 day event - a trail half marathon! I have never done an off road half marathon before and this was a belter - starting at 300 metres from sea level, climbing to 600 metres then dropping back to sea level from about the halfway point. The first half definitely was tough, maybe not quite as bad as the previous day but still some steep climbs to tackle. The downhill section was better (and faster!) but it was still something I had never experienced before. Its tough to run down steep slopes too - you need to be conscious of your footing and watching the trail ahead to ensure you dont twist your ankle (unsurprisingly this was my biggest fear!) or fall flat on your face. It felt like I was reigning it in quite a lot of the way down and about 4 miles from the end I got a stone in my shoe. I should have stopped and removed it but I ploughed on looking for the best time I could. Unfortunately this led to me getting a blister but it wasnt too bad and I managed to hobble round in just over 2 hrs - which was around the time I thought I would get, although it would have been better to be just under. I need to get better at descending I think, in order to get a better time - maybe next year!


My Results from Day 3


Position overall: 95 of 163

Position male: 81 of 122

Position V40+ male: 11 of 14

Start time: 9:31:53

Finish time: 2:01:14

Chip time: 2:01:14

Speed: 10.44 km/h

Per km: 5:44 min/km


And in The Overall Rankings after 3 Days


Overall Position: 89

Overall Time: 3:41:07

Cyprus International 4 Day Challenge

Day 3: Half Marathon