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Cyprus International 4 Day Challenge

Day 1: 6k time trial

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This was of my last big physical challenges of the year - 4 running events in 4 days, including 3 types of run that I hadn't really tackled before. I was very excited about taking part but also a little bit nervous - would the rest of the field be very good athletes and I was going to be near the back of the pack for the whole event? Could I realistically give a massive effort for 4 days? Was it going to be hot and difficult weather to perform in? As it turned out, the whole event was possibly my favourite of the year so far - despite being physically and mentally tough.


It started on the Thursday, with a 6k Time Trial run. The event was set up a bit like a mini Tour de France style race, with everyones time being added up over the four days to give an overall time at the end to give a final position. The time trial was set up like an individual time trial in a bike race too, with runners setting off at 10 second intervals and the aim being to reach the end in as fast a time as possible. Of course you also had to factor in that you didn't want to use all of your energy as there were another 3 events to follow, all of a longer, more difficult nature - so it was a bit of a balancing act, go quite hard but save some energy for the rest of the week!


The course was pretty much a flat road race, with a few slight inclines and slightly downhill sections thrown in, but nothing major to worry about. It ran from the Coral Beach Hotel to Sea Caves, all along the coast with some great views. I have run most of the route before on previous visits to Cyprus, so knew pretty much what to expect and it all started at 3pm so while not the hottest part of the day, and given it was November it wasn't really really hot, but there was still a bit of heat in the afternoon sun. So I started in position 98 (my race number for the event) and set off along the way, constantly overtaking some of those that set off before me, but also being overtaken by some faster runners that started after me. It was interesting but difficult to try to see if I was doing well or not, and in the end I kind of gave up on that and just had to concentrate on running my own race at a decent enough pace.


What I also got from this first day was that there were a good number of excellent runners/athletes taking part, but also some more recreational runners like myself and that everyone seemed to be really enjoying the event and that there was a really good, fun atmosphere before, during and after the run - which made me look forward to Day 2 even more.


My results from Day 1:


Position overall: 93 of 169

Position male: 81 of 126

Position V40+ male: 11 of 14

Start time: 15:19:02

Finish time: 27:26

Chip time: 27:26

Speed13.12 km/h

Per km.4:34 min/km