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It was a very early start for my 3rd Challenge and 2nd 10K run in 5 days. I was up with the larks at 6am to get ready to drive to Leeds in order to arrive in time for the start at 9.30! I did make it in time, despite my Sat Nav throwing a wobbler and taking me to the wrong place at first, then findng a parking spot and walking about three quarters of a mile to the start area. It had been a busy week, starting with a 10k Run on Wednesday, an hours 5-a-side on Thursday, an hour with the trainer at the Gym on Friday and the Parkrun 5k and Xmas fair on Saturday, so I wasnt expecting any PB or super fast times if I am honest. My main hope was to get around the course and that it was fairly flat with no big hills to climb. It had been advertised as a flat route but you never know!


There seemed to be a lot of people there to run and it was definitely one of the more popular events I have taken part in this year so far, The vast majority also seemd to want to be in the sub 55 minute category along with myself, and so it tooka while to get over the start line once we got moving. It felt like a mini Great North Run in that respect, and that feeling continued all the way round the course. There was a lot of bobbing and weaving around other runners, trying not to get in anyone elses way and general congestion from start to finish. Of course that makes it much more difficult to get a good steady pace and fast run. I started off a bit slower than on Wednesday evening, but kept a consistent pace and halfway around i felt quite good and strong, and whilst not at a PB pace at that stage i still felt that I was doing fairly well given the conditions and, if this 10k was actually 10k (unlike the slightly long 10 in Manchester), could be on for my fastest of the year so far. The last kilometer was a bit tougher however as the road did feature a hill as the slip road rose up to the finish straight. In the end I was very pleased to get a 46:53, Officially my fastest 10K this year so far - Although unofficially I had done 10K at Manchester in around 46:25 according to my GPS! I left Leeds feeling quite content that I had completed it in that time following a physically tough week and the congested conditions on the road. I also left feeling that I was (probably) ready to take on the next big event(s) - 4 Challenges in 4 Days in the Cyprus International 4 Day Challenge!