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Miles for Men

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The Miles for Men 5k run is essentially a male only version of the famous Race for Life, raising money for Male Cancer Research. The inaugural Newcastle event was held in Exhibition Park and the Town Moor on a fairly fast, flattish course. It would have been an ideal location to attempt a personal best for the 5k time if not for a couple of mitigating factors. For one thing it was very windy and the last 1k or so was run into a very strong headwind, secondly I was seriously hungover!! Now it's not big or clever to go out on an all day drinking session kids, especially when you have a run to complete the following day, but my dates clashed, Newcastle won at home to Chelsea and the boys were out in force from all corners of the country, so it would have been really rude of me to not have joined in! As this was not a race as such, there were no official times or placingsto be concerned with, but I was more than happy to complete it in 22:23 unofficially, in what I would estimate to be the first 20-25 runners or so - particularly given the way I felt when I dragged myself out of bed at 8:30 after only getting in there at 3:00!!

Miles for Men