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There's a reason it's called the Great North Run - its the best half marathon in the world, and one of my favourite races of the year. It was always going to be one of the highlights of the year, and even the weather forecast of torrential rain and gale force winds was never going change that. In the end, it turned out to be not that bad weather wise. It wasn't warm, like my last half marathon in Cyprus in March, but it rained only part of the way round and the wind was mostly behind us (and nowhere near gale force). Despite my words of warning during my interview on the local radio news in the week leading up to the event, I may have started off a bit fast myself, secretly hoping for a good time, yet knowing I am not as fit as this time last year or indeed at the Cyprus run in March. The real plan was to complete the run as part of my full marathon training, and not worry too much about my time - but of course that went out of the window as soon as I started. The first half of the run went really well and I felt good and on target to finish in a similar time as 2013 - around 1:41:30 ish. I would have been over the moon to get something in that area, but as the miles went on, I could feel the hills of miles 9-11 taking their toll, and I could see the mile splits slowing down, I knew that wasn't going to happen. I then decided I would settle for 1 hr 45. That didn't happen either - and so I crossed the line at 1:47:30. 6 minutes slower than last year - and I must say I felt quite disappointed. However, thinking about it I have come to terms with it and realise it wasn't so bad after all. I have done more exercise in the week before this time - as there has been no tapering for this event - because this isn't the pinnacle of the training programme. That's the full marathon, so I shouldn't really be at my peak for another 5 weeks or so. I also know that I didn't fuel and hydrate as well as I would have if this had been a genuine PB attempt. Plus, it was another event completed for the list of 40 - a stepping stone on the journey to the end goal - and the amount of donations this week prior to the run has been brilliant. People have been so generous and I must thank you all for the donations so far. None of this would be worth doing without your sponsorship, and it is much appreciated.



I've also just been notified that I have won an extra £50 donation from Just Text Giving, following my visit to their stand at the GNR Pasta Party, having my picture taken and sharing it with you lot - along with my XL just giving text donation number!! How great is that??

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