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The final challenge, and the last day of The XL Challenge (and the last day of 2103) was upon us, and we all gathered to party and celebrate at the Sandman Sigature Hotel in Newcastle. An evening of drinks, dancing, music, buffet food, crazy drinking games (as it turned out) and a bit of chilling with some great friends and family, including many that had supported me throughout the whole year. That help included encouragement, donations, attendance and general support, and it was great to be able to thank everyone that came for that assistance throughout the year. We had a projector showing some of the pictures from the events and crazy challenges and I'm fairly confident everyone had a good time - I know I certainly did. Lots of funds were raised, taking me over the fundraising target of £4000, and lots of laughs and fun were had - safe in the knowledge that for once, I didn't have to get up early the next morning to go for a run, or a swim in the sea on New Years day, or eat the worlds hottest curry or any other such nonsense.

It has been a great year and one I will always remember for both turning 40 and all that I have acheived this year in the name of Charity.


All that remains is for me to say a massive thanks to all that donated and to say that this probably isn't the last you will hear of The XL Challenge - after all there are still some stories to tell, some collection boxes to count, some money to add to the total and a certain forfeit to take part in! So remember to follow on Facebook and Twitter and see the remaining posts, photos and grand total!