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New York City Challenge

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Event report for the New York City Challenge:

What: A list of 40 things to do over 4 days in NYC

When: June 6-9th


Well this was certainly a bit of a surprise challenge. My gorgeous wife took me to New York to celebrate my 40th Birthday in style and so I had to come up with a hastily arranged challenge. So it became a little bit indulgent and certainly my favourite challenge of the year so far - 40 things to do while in New York City. I can happily say they were all ticked off (with only a couple of cheeky liberties taken) and here's the list in full:


1 - Go for a run in Central Park

2 - Fly over NYC in a helicopter

3 - Give a tip using the 'handshake' method

4 - Spot someone in a Newcastle top

5 - Eat a Rueben at Katz's Deli

6 - Drink a Manhatten in Manhatten

7 - Go to the 'Friends' apartment building

8 - See the Statue of Liberty

9 - Take the Staten Island Ferry

10 - World Trade Center/9-11 memorial

11 - Eat a proper NY Bagel

12 - Walk along The High Line

13 - Have a drink with someone who shares my Birthday

14 - Visit Times Square

15 - See Empire State Building

16 - Go to Grand Central Terminal

17 - Go inside New York City Public Library (as seen in Ghostbusters)

18 - See the Chrysler Building

19 - Visit the Rockerfeller Center

20 - Look at Art in Metropolitan Museum of Art

21 - Eat some food from a street vendor

22 - Ride in a Yellow Taxi

23 - Eat at The View restaurant

24 - Have a slice of NY pizza

25 - Drink some 'Kawfee'

26 - See the John Lennon Memorial

27 - Ride on the Subway

28 - Spot a 'Celebrity'

29 - Eat a giant pretzel

30 - Get a photograph taken of me eating Ice Cream (a McGarry holiday tradition)

31 - Have Pancakes for breakfast

32 - Buy some souvenir 'Tat'

33 - Drink in an Irish Bar

34 - Go up to the Top of the Rock

35 - Eat some NY baked cheesecake

36 - See the Flatiron Building

37 - Have a New York Steak

38 - Drink some Brooklyn Beer

39 - Eat a Waffle

40 - Get something for free just because its my Birthday!