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Matfen Hall Hotel

6th May

"You voted for it so I will be going through the pain barrier again for charity (you really love me!). Look out for the photos of this one. If curry hell didn't make me cry, this might!"

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Thanks to my football injury and subsequent recovery, Bank Holiday Monday 6th May was no longer the day that I would tackle my First Ever Marathon. No, Milton Keynes was off the planned events list and has had to be postponed until October potentially, when I hope to take on Abingdon or Amsterdam over 26.2 miles (depending on availability). For now I had to find an alternative event to do on the day or else risk moping around for the whole morning, dwelling on the coulda, woulda, shoulda's. After kindly asking the loyal following (aka You Lot) to come up with some alternatives for a non physical challenge so I could put it to the vote, the options were: Gunging, Head Shaving, Face Painting and Waxing. Of course the most painful option won for a change (you really must love putting me through it!) as Waxing took an early lead and held onto it from start to finish.

Thanks to the lovely people at Matfen Hall and especially to Sarah, who organised everything for me, I was able to lessen the pain slightly, by having it done in nice, pleasant, professional surroundings by an experienced beautician, rather than in some shopping centre somewhere by a group of novices! Although still painful, I am sure it would have been much worse if not looked after properly. As it was, my back looked like I had been sunbathing with no Sunscreen on all day when it was finished. Even 3 or 4 days after the event, it is still blotchy, spotty and itchy - thanks to my sensitive skin (I am a delicate little flower aren't I?). Luckily it was a nice day and it meant that I could enjoy coffee, lunch and a cheeky shandy afterwards in a stunning location with great views. It certainly meant that I didn't miss running the marathon quite so much, especially when thinking of the temperatures over the weekend. Lets just hope that no more injuries mean that I can complete Abingdon/Amsterdam in weather better suited to running and I don't have to go back and get other body parts waxed as an alternative!

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