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Curry Hell!

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Rupali Indian Restaurant, Newcastle

April 20th

A Super HOT Curry Challenge!

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The Curry Hell challenge is held at The Rupali restaurant in Newcastle. It's a Guinness World Record holder as it serves the Worlds Hottest Curry. Boy is it hot! I went prepared for the worst, taking along a survival kit, including tissues, a towel and my secret weapon, 2 pints of milk.


It really is the hottest thing I have ever tasted. As soon as I tried the first mouthful, I knew it was going to be hell to try to finish it. It is a chicken dish, made with a blend of hot hot chillies and a secret ingredient, but it just tastes of fire, and the more you eat, the hotter it gets. My tactic was to eat it mixed with rice, naan bread and gulps of milk, but it was tough going. Not only was it burning, but I was getting full - maybe the starter was a bad idea!


Encouraged by some top friends, all enjoying a normal curry, but sharing a sample portion between them to attempt to feel my pain, I battled on. I was also being watched by a number of 'Dravets Mums' (all with kids suffering from Dravet Syndrome) who happened to be on a rare night out in Newcastle. This really helped to remind me why I am doing the whole XL Challenge, and so I managed to work my way through the whole dish, earning my certificate and place on the website hall of fame as one of the few who have finished the Curry Hell Challenge.

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