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The XL Challenge is kindly supported by the following businesses:

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Durham County Cricket Club

15th March @ 8am

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Thankfully, for those of you squeamish types, this wasn't as bas as it sounds, or indeed as bad as I was expecting it to be! I have to admit that as I stood up to give my 10 minute presentation at 4Networking, all about the XL Challenge, it was the most nervous I had ever felt at a networking meeting. I think that came from the fact that I really had no idea what I was expecting and that the 'delicacies' were all hidden away under tea towels. After seeing the first one labelled as coated pigs brain, my nervousness only increased about tenfold! Thinking it was best to shove it in my mouth and hope for the best, it turned out that it tasted ok - and I got the feeling that it wasn't exactly what it said on the tin. Following that were the Kangaroo testicles, which tasted like meatballs, and some hot chilli covered cockroaches - which did turn out to be hot (extremely) but not at all insect like. At that point Andrew and Pete, who had cunningly designed this challenge, and to whom massive thanks has to go for the effort and enthusiam, revealed that indeed these first three items were indeed all faked and were normal completely edible almost everyday foodstuff. However the last item was a box of mopane worms - real worms, roasted and salted, and as it turns out extremely crunchy. Being the first time I have eaten any type of worm it was a little scary, but in for a penny and all that! After all it was for a charity challenge - and I could hardly turn it down having been told the other items were all just masquerading as the grossest of breakfast ingredients! Although this will not be my last eating challenge of the year, with an extremely hot curry and a massive burger challenge to come, hopefully this will be the last one featuring any type of worm!