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Another tough challenge competed - no alcohol throughout April. I thought that this was going to be easy enough as I have done a month off the booze a few times before. I also thought that it would coincide nicely with training for the MK marathon on May 6th, but of course that went out of the window when I sprained my ankle 6 weeks ago. That messed things up quite a bit, causing me to need a drink to numb the pain, as much as anything else! Then the events came thick and fast - all things that I would normally associate with having a beer (or 2!)

As early as April 2nd Lisa came home with 4 bottles of Cobra beer asking me if I fancied one!! The following night was my hastily arranged pub quiz - a great night and some good money raised for the cause - but seriously, who organises a pub quiz when trying not to drink for a month?? On 5th April, our friends Michael and Kelly moved in with us for 3 weeks while waiting for their new house purchase to go through. Kelly is currently pregnant and so I had a partner in crime, so to speak, but that didn't make it much easier having two people drinking right in front of me for several evenings throughout April. Then came the first Newcastle home match of the month on the 7th. Normally a cheeky pre or post match pint is expected, but not for me! Only a week in and already I have had to manage to stay on the wagon in several different scenarios where I would usually be expected to have a bevvy!

Two more home matches followed on 15th and 27th and given that they were defeats at home to Sunderland and Liverpool, I really would have loved a drink to numb a different type of pain. I also undertook the Curry Hell challenge on April 20th. After my mouth had been on fire all night, I felt that I really deserved a celebratory pint, and was offered one on the house by The Rupali restaurant where the challenge was held but again I had to decline.

Throughout the month I have been working away from home and even the last two days of this challenge I have been staying at a hotel overnight. The meals generally include a free pint of lager as one of the options, but I have stuck to lime and soda or diet coke or something else so much less fulfilling. I am really looking forward to that first sip of an ice cold refreshing lager in May - it's going to taste so good. Man, who am I kidding. A sip??? It's gonna be a huge gulp!