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The XL Challenge is kindly supported by the following businesses:

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Pub Quiz

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Royal British Legion, Jesmond

April 3rd from 7pm

A classic pub quiz, with cash prizes to be won!

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54 brilliant quizzers arrived to take part in my hastily organised pub quiz (with less than 2 weeks notice, thanks to an injury related rescheduling!) to help boost the fundraising by £270 and in the process taking the years total so far over the £1000 mark. They endured 5 rounds of questions - Pictures, Sport, General Knowledge, History and Film/TV - many themed around 1973, XL, or the number 40. The main plan was to make sure everyone had fun, with a chance to win £50 for the winning team and £27 for the jackpot question. In the end the super generous winners ended up donating all but £7 back into the pot. I certainly wasn't expecting that and must give a massive shout out and big appreciation to team "Dave is G.A.Y.E" and Michael Hannah for that. Spot prizes were also given out for second place, winner of the picture round and the booby prize for last place - which fittingly went to the barman. He may have come last by a long way, but it was hardly fair to him, seeing as he was far too busy serving alcohol to really take part properly. All in all,  think the evening was a big success, with many people saying how much they had enjoyed it, the money raised and as an added challenge, me having to stay on the soft drinks all night as the other challenge going on at the minute is Alcohol Free April. Whose daft idea was it to organise a pub quiz while I am on the wagon, I wonder??

    A big thanks to all those that took part, and apologies for the one questionable item in the History round - at least you all got a point for it in the end!

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