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The XL Challenge is kindly supported by the following businesses:

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As I turn 40, I find myself wanting to mark the occasion by doing something special and out of the ordinary - and this fits the bill! In all honesty, I intended to raise some funds for Dravet Syndrome UK this year by completing my first marathon and I thought that would be that. My plans spiralled, however and became the monster that is The XL Challenge and after mentioning it to a couple of people, I found that I couldn't really get out of the things my big mouth had promised. It is a really important charity to me and my friends, and you can read why, in the words of Andy and Marie Gregor. I guarantee you will understand why I want to help when you have read it.

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Why am I doing this to myself?

40 challenges in my 40th Birthday year - it is indeed an Extra Large Challenge (plus XL is 40 in Roman Numerals!). I'm doing this to raise awareness for Dravets Syndrome UK, a charity that has supported my good friends, the Gregor family, and especially their daughter, Elizabeth, who suffers from Dravets. It affects around 1 in 40,000 births.

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Early 2014

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All official challenges are now complete. Check them out on the events pages above. But stay tuned for an "alternative" look at The XL Challenge coming soon. Oh... and the small matter of the forfeit you voted on below...

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As a final vote, you decided I should get gunged! :( So keep your eyes pealed for this!